Tuesday - December 3rd, 2013

Common Core State Standards

Nearly a year before students around the nation submit to the new Common Core standardized tests, the federally-backed program is already causing chaos and confusion at local school board meetings, in the classroom and at the dinner table. We are discussing our opinions on the Common Core Standards and the research we have found to better educate us all on what this means for our children. We will be interviewing a local Teacher for her perspective on the Common Core Standards. In the News, we are discussing a message that has many outraged saying that the teacher needs to exercise more compassion. The message which was a note sent out to pre k students stating that the children have "unpleasant smells" and "dirty clothes". Tune in to find out more. Tune In Here

Thursday - December 5th, 2013

December Holidays

Whether you light up a Christmas tree, light the menora, or simply give zawadi during Kwanzaa, there are so many ways to celebrate in the month of December. Tune in to learn more about these different holidays and to hear about some quirky holidays you may have never heard of. In the News, we are discussing a New Jersy school which has banned Christmas Carols from their upcomming Holiday Concerts in an effort to please some parents who deemed christian carols as inappropriate. Tune in to learn more. Tune In Here

Joining The Regiment

   I joined the blessed ranks of the military wives regiment in 2005 when I married my best friend of five years, a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. Our honeymoon was an exciting cross-country move with our belongings packed into his rusted Jeep Wrangler.

Posted By: Maggie
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Raising Wild Things (aka Teens)

   There's a saying, "raising teens is like trying to nail jello to a wall"---and this is a perfect metaphor for the parents of teens. One minute you're changing diapers and teaching your toddler how to walk, and then in the blink of an eye, your child has pulled away from your protective embrace to explore the world and establish his or her own identity.

Posted By: Marcia
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Head Lice Dilemma

   Head Lice is something that no one likes to talk about, let alone GET!! But the fact is, every year tens of millions of children are affected!! Head lice is no respecter of persons, it attacks people of all ages, races, creeds and income levels!! This is not limited to a certain group of people, and no one is exempt. But there are ways to try and prevent it and kill it once you do get it.

Posted By: Brandy
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D.I.Y Chalkboard Refrigerator

   This was one of the best projects I ever did and the kids love that they can draw on my fridge! I have realized with this one that you can use Chalkboard paint on nearly anything. The total amount spent on this project was $35. It was well worth it.

Posted By: Danielle
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